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Revealed: A surprising amount of women will still take their husband's name after marriage

Irish brides won't be breaking with tradition anytime soon.

A new survey shows that the  majority of Irish brides will take their husband's name after they wed.

The findings, conducted by One4All gift cards, shows that a whopping 57% of women will adopt their husband's surname, which comes weeks after the issue was hotly debated by celebrity and 'normal' brides alike.


Just 23% of women will keep their surname after they wed and just 2% would follow in the footnotes of Dawn O'Porter and merge their maiden last name with their husband's.

10% of women said they would choose a double barrel option.

The survey enquired about wedding etiquette across the board with an incredible 90% of Irish couples saying they wouldn't create a hashtag for their big day and one in four would consider a social media ban altogether.