Broadcaster Claire Byrne with her Husband Gerry Scollan on their wedding day. Picture: Conor McCabe

The Vow

RTE star Claire Byrne weds Gerry Scollan in surprise ceremony in Dublin

RTE broadcaster Claire Byrne has wed her long-term partner Gerry Scollan.

The Claire Byrne Live host (40) has been engaged to the IT specialist for three years and they have two children - Patrick (three) and Jane (two) - together.

Byrne has always remained coy about the details of her wedding and managed to keep the date a secret from many, excluding a handful of family and friends in attendance.


The couple, who have been together since 2011, exchanged vows in West Dublin today.

Both Claire and Gerry beamed after their ceremony, with the bride opting for a white shift dress with embellished bell sleeves and fascinator, as our exclusive picture shows.

Claire, one of the most popular presenters in Montrose, said she had "no time" for a lavish celebration when recently asked about her wedding plans.

"It will be low key, with just family and close friends," she said.

"I have no intention of going shopping for a big wedding dress. Whenever I do it, I'm not going to be in a big gown - I've no time for any of that stuff now, so it'll all be streamlined - the celebrations, the wedding and the dress.

"Simple and easy is my motto at the moment, so we'll keep it all straight-forward."

Byrne said she knew her husband was The One after their first date.

"I had been around quite a while at that stage. I think at one stage I would have hated people to say 'When you know, you know' - but that was how it worked out.

"We had so many similarities in our background - size of family, rural upbringing, the values we were raised with."

Another RTE presenter, 2fm DJ Jenny Greene, wed long-term partner Kelly Keogh today too.