Bernard O'Shea and Jennifer Zamparelli in Bridget & Eamon, RTÉ2 Photograph by Paul Doherty

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#TBT: Seven wedding gifts that every Irish couple wanted in the '80s

The 1980s was a simpler time for wedding gifts. There was no such thing as online wedding lists or certain amounts that people were expected to spend.

Deciding what to wear was the biggest worry, not whether your gift would fit the couple’s expectations.

Here are six gifts that every bride and groom to-be wanted to receive thirty years ago:


1 Video casette recorder


Sales of VCRs boomed in the eighties, with every household wanting one so they could watch movies like E.T., Ghost Busters and Indiana Jones in their own homes.

2 Pocket Television


An essential for any family gathering you had to unwillingly attend, the pocket television gave you the chance to watch your favourite programmes on-the-go.

3 Family crest on a wooden plaque


Getting your family name and crest on a wooden plaque to mount to your wall was a very popular gift to receive for your wedding. With either both family’s coat of arms or just one, the plaques were something married couples could keep forever.

4 Walkman


Sony’s portable music device revolutionised how we listen to music. Thanks to the Walkman, it was possible to listen to Duran Duran, Bon Jovi and The Police whenever you wanted.

5 Toaster


No kitchen is complete without a toaster. The eighties saw the release of a multiple slot toaster that was big enough to fit bagels in.

6 Camcorder


You can thank the eighties for the release of the camcorder that filmed all of your embarrassing childhood memories.

7 Sodastream


SodaStreams may have made a comeback recently, but they were one of the most coveted product of the eighties, allowing you to turn flat drinks into fizzy.