Guest Drinking Champagne at Wedding Reception

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'The best man got so drunk the night before, he didn't event attend' - People reveal the worst wedding behaviour they've seen

What's the worst behaviour you've ever seen?

A member of the bridal party got a little too rowdy? Somebody had a little too much prosecco? Maybe there was some tensions between in-laws? At least you weren't at a service where a guest was caught dealing drugs or take comfort in the fact that the best man actually showed up.

Reddit users have taken to the forum to discuss the worst things they've seen at weddings and it's...bad.


Korinakorina wrote about her best friend's wedding two months ago.

"The groom's cousin was around 16-17. He was an usher in the wedding, no one even knew if he would be there because he was in jail. He was always in trouble for different things. Wedding goes completely perfect. We're all enjoying ourselves at the reception until people start running outside. The groom is doing cpr on his cousin.

"He's blue and completely unresponsive laying on the ground. We call 911 and they take him to the hospital. He overdosed on heroin. He ended up coming back to later and being okay, but he shut down the reception 3 hours early and everyone went home."

Another user jwagg82 shared memories from her own big day that she'd rather forget.

"Alcoholic aunt showed up drunk and proceeded to yell out random things (such as "Don't do it!!") or make "Wooo!!!" noises throughout my ENTIRE ceremony. My wedding video is actually ruined because they couldn't edit her out since it would have cut out the officiant's voices as well as mine and my husband's because she literally could not keep quiet for more than 5 minutes and no one had the sense to remove her," she wrote.

Another wrote: "At my aunt's wedding reception a fight broke out and the venue was immediately cleared, both due to families quickly taking their kids away and due to the drunk guests wanting to punch on.

"The funny part was that it all happened so fast that one of my uncles went to the bathroom while the party was in full swing and emerged a few minutes later to a totally empty room."

But no matter the cost of behaviour at the service, at least all members of the bridal party showed up that day.

"Was maid of honor in my best friend's wedding. The bachelor/bachelorette parties were the night before, and while the women were out pretty late, the guys stayed up all night drinking, then drank all day before the evening wedding.

"The Best Man was so obliterated he couldn't attend the wedding, so instead I had to walk down the aisle with another friend of the groom's who was essentially wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and Converse," she said.