You Statement leggings came under fire for their slogans.


Just because someone is getting married doesn’t mean it’s okay to ask them if they’re going to lose weight

Asking someone about their weight is always a dangerous move and is best avoided, for the most part - we all know that.

Yet why is it as soon as a woman becomes engaged that it becomes perfectly acceptable to ask her if she’ll be shedding the pounds before her big day? Questions on boot camps, hiring a personal trainer, hitting the gym and following gruelling diets unfortunately have become as common a question as, ‘Have you picked a date?’

Even when it comes to trying on wedding dresses, it has been known for sales assistants to comment on the bride’s weight, adding that she’ll ‘look better’ when she has lost a few pounds, as if it’s an inevitable plan for every woman to have to lose weight in order to look their best.


A UK-based clothing company came under fire last week for their range of ‘pre-wedding’ gym leggings, complete with ‘inspirational quotes’ emblazoned across the thigh. These quotes include ‘slimming down for the gown’, ‘gonna run that mile before I walk that aisle’, ‘shredding for the wedding’ and ‘I won’t quit till the dress fits’.

Unsurprisingly, the leggings did not receive a positive reaction online. Taking to Twitter, one user said: “Please do not buy into the thought that you have to lose weight for your wedding.” Another added, “I actually feel offended just looking at these.”

Under any other circumstance, encouraging people to lose weight so presumptively would be totally unacceptable because, guess what, not everyone wants or needs weight to look and feel good. Yes, many brides do choose to exercise a bit more before their big day, but that’s their decision and their decision only. Not to mention, have you ever heard someone asking a groom if they’re going to lose weight during a conversation about their wedding? I think not.

Deciding to lose weight is a bride’s own choice, and is ultimately a decision that’s made so that they feel their best, and therefore look their best, on their wedding day. With the inevitable stress and responsibility that comes with planning a wedding, brides have enough to worry about without their own friends or family suggesting that they need to hit they gym.

So, next time someone you know is getting married, resist from asking them which ‘wedding diet’ they’ll be following, or giving them your personal trainer’s phone number. Instead, pop open the champagne and celebrate one of the most important days of their lives. And, if they do choose to lose weight, under no circumstance buy them such outrageous leggings.