Should parents still be paying for their child's big day? | Stock photo of wedding by Lanty via Unsplash

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Have your say: Should parents pay for their child's wedding?

The tradition of parents paying for the big day is alive an well for some couples

While weddings are becoming less and less traditional with church ceremonies making way for outdoor 'I dos', brides making speeches (God forbid!) and wedding gowns being worn in all colours under the sun, there are some traditions - like parents footing the bill - that we may not have quite seen the last of.

Or have we?

According to a 'Newlywed Survey' by US wedding website, parents are still forking out massive money to cover the cost of their child's big day, with the bulk of the cash being put forward by the mother and father of the bride.


A survey of over 500 parents whose child had recently tied the knot found that parents were covering a staggering two-thirds of the cost of their child's big day - around $19,000 (€15,910) in total.

Further insight found that the amount usually breaks down to the bride’s parents giving $12,000 (€10,047) and the groom’s $7,000 (€5,860).

With the average cost of weddings in Ireland currently at around €25,000, you'd understand why a young couple might be happy with a few bob towards it, but are parents still contributing to weddings in Ireland?

If you're recently married or tying the knot in the near future, we want to know if your parents have been generous enough to cover some of the costs around your big day.

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