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Bride plays epic prank on groom by sending her brother to their 'first look' photos - and the Internet loves her for it

Heidi sent her brother in her place for her 'first look' with fiancé Val resulting in some seriously funny photos

Have you heard of the 'first look' photo?

First look photos are a huge wedding trend in the US and basically involve capturing the moment the couple see each other first the first time all dressed up for the big day.

They usually involve someone sneaking up on their partner before they turn to see them and Bam! - one for the grandkids (or, more importantly, for Instagram). They take different forms and can take place in a forest, on a beach, in the kitchen...  Sometimes the couple are blindfolded for extra tension or can stand back-to-back or even either side of a curtain before it's pulled back for the big reveal... there are a number of ways to do it and snap the photo of the day.


But we've never quite seen one like this.

Before we explain, just consider how nerve-wracking doing a 'first look' can be, and think of how excited groom Val would have been patiently waiting for his gorgeous wife-to-be to appear before him, and she (Heidi) - eager for an amazing reaction from her beau.

Then think how utterly befuddled Val must have been to turn around at the last minute and clap eyes not on his stunning soul mate looking like a goddess on her big day, but her hairy, tattooed brother instead - fully dressed in a fabulously strappy white wedding dress!

And the reason Heidi came up with the hilarious prank? To actually relax her groom, who was full of wedding day jitters.

"We're seeing him interact with everybody on the day of the wedding, and he was so stressed," bride Heidi told Tucson News. "So we knew we had to do something."

Heidi asked her brother Eric if he'd put on her friend's old wedding dress and rock up to her first look photo with their photographer Nichole Cline of KevinChole Photography, and break the ice for her husband.

She even gave him her deodrant so he'd smell like her.

Val explains how he felt - "I feel the most gentle touch on my shoulder, and I look back thinking I'm going to see Heidi, so pretty and beautiful, and I look back and it's Eric. I just lose my mind, it was so funny. All of the emotions started flowing out and I was totally calm. It was just the best equalizer for the situation."

The couple's hilarious wedding day snaps have since gone viral, featuring on news sites and blogs across the globe, as well as receiving lots of likes and comments on the photographer's Facebook page.

"This would be SO funny!" said one commenter. "I feel like there would be so much tension and anticipation, and this would just make everything super lighthearted. Also, it would probably make it way easier to get genuine smiles."

"They need to hang this over the fireplace" suggested another.

"ADORE this moment!!! Awesome idea," commented another, while many were considering doing something similar for their own 'first look'.

Eventually, the couple did get around to their own 'first look' moment, which Heidi explains;"We were able to have a very intimate, special moment because he wasn't so nervous."

"The responses to the photos have been incredible" photographer Nichole tells "I was contacted by somebody in India today and Slovkia too! Insane!"

"The whole idea was amazing. It's a trend now! Bride pranks! It's incredible just how far its gone!"