Josh and Jeremy Salyers and Brittany and Briana Deane will have a joint wedding | Photo via Brittany Deane, Facebook

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Double trouble: Identical twin brothers plan joint wedding to identical twin sisters

Both sets of twins work together too

It might sound like a kitsch storyline straight out of a romantic comedy, but a pair of identical brothers are set to marry their girlfriends in a joint ceremony - and they happen to be identical twins too.

Josh and Jeremy Salyers met Brittany and Briana Deane in August 2017 at the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, which is the world’s largest annual gathering of twins - yes, such a thing exists.

The 34-year-old twin brothers revealed they felt an instant attraction to the 31-year-old sisters and it wasn’t long until both couples were happily dating.


Speaking to The News Journal, Brittany revealed she spotted the two brothers at the festival from afar, telling her sister she’d just seen the “most handsome twin men”.

The next day, the sisters happened to bump into the Salyers twins in a hotel corridor and started chatting about life as an identical twin.

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Both sets of siblings said they felt an immediate connection to their respective partners, with Josh adding that he felt “instantly drawn to Brittany”.

“It was one of the most magical moments," said Brianna, who described the meeting as feeling like “slow motion”, likening it to a scene from a film.

Interestingly, they paired off in order of birth, with Jeremy and Briana being the eldest and Josh and Brittany being the youngest.

According to Josh, the brothers would never had gotten married had it not been to another set of twins.

The men proposed to their respective girlfriends at the same time while they were filming a Valentine’s Day documentary for Inside Edition - naturally, they were also wearing matching outfits.

Both sets of twins work together too, with the Salyers brothers working in manufacturing while the Deane sisters both work at the same law firm.

The joint wedding ceremony is set to take place in August.

It's not the first time pairs of twins have found love with one another.

Identical twin brothers from Kazakhstan, Zholdasbek and Torebek Tolepbergenuly, married sisters Asyl and Aiym Binazarova in a joint ceremony in 2016.

The couples wore matching outfits at the wedding and both women subsequently got pregnant at the same time.

The happy families currently live together in a three-bedroom apartment in the city of Aktau, which is in the south-western region of Kazakhstan.