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Five things to expect from every episode of the Irish 'Say Yes to the Dress'

Tears, 'the fear' and hilarious accompanying Tweets

Fans of the hit US series 'Say Yes to the Dress' set in Manhattan-based Kleinfield Bridal were treated to some exciting news yesterday as RTÉ announced the Irish version of the show, set to sashay down the aisle in early 2018.

The spin-off show is currently searching for brides-to-be who have yet to find 'the one' to feature in the ten-part series, which will follow style-hunters as they try on wedding dresses from all over the world.

Will it go the way of Room to Improve, with a Dermot Bannon style figurehead convincing brides-to-be to spend half their dress budget on a colour-blocking underskirt? (and on that note: Groom to Improve 2020 anyone?)


Or will we have another Don't Tell the Bride on our hands, full of tears and fears that somebody will be getting a stern talking to once the cameras stop rolling?

Here are five things we're (nearly) sure we'll be seeing in the series...

1. A bride arriving knowing 'exactly' what she wants and leaving with the entire opposite of that

She's got magazine cuttings, Pinterest boards, pieces of fabric from Hickeys and a big determined head on her. By golly if she's not getting that mermaid style backless gúna with the beaded bodice she'll show you the real meaning of the word 'bridezilla'. Only, now she has it on, it looks a bit... It's not as she imagined it at all? She looks confused, bewildered, lost... Panic sets in. How could the dress she's told everyone not to tell anyone she's going for not look incredible on her?

The team eventually talk her down from her mini circular mirror-reflected stage, and tell her not to worry, there are plenty more fishtail dresses in the sea. They pop her in an A-line with a little less sparkle JUST TO SEE. She reluctantly agrees before emerging to a visually taken aback bridal party. It's perfect. It's her. It's everything she never wanted. The question is asked. The answer, positive. We have just witnessed every Irish woman's shopping trip with their more-stylish mate. It's nothing short of a miracle.

2. The surprise return of a prodigal daughter/son

Okay, so maybe we won't be seeing this in every episode, but with so many of our Irish siblings traversing the world there'll no doubt be one or two up for a surprise return to the Emerald Isle on the nation's public service broadcaster. Expect high jinx a'plenty from sisters and brothers return to surprise their sibling and giving their mothers a mini heart attack.

3. At least one bridesmaid turning up tired and emotional

Whether she spent the night before celebrating the next day's momentous shopping trip, or staying up indulging her sorrow of once again being the bridesmaid and not to bride, there's sure to be at least one of the 'squad' looking a bit tired and emotional on screen.

She'll begin the trip all energetic and smiley, determined to be there with all the positive feedback and constructive criticism, and end the epic dressing room session insisting that her salty tears are those of joy and not because she's been pining for a chicken fillet roll since half ten that morning.

4. A mother-in-law making it all about herself

Mothers-in-law get a hard time all over the world, but there's a special place in the hearts and minds of many for an Irish MIL. Expect a series of scrunched up faces as they work out how an 'illusion' back holds up, and the look of horror on some faces when the bridal shop assistant eventually reveals the bride's budget. In the end it will be revealed that of course they mean well, they couldn't be more delighted at having Aisling (let's call her Aisling) as part of the family, and she's the daughter they've always wanted. Again, tears.

5. Hilarity ensuing on Twitter

There's nothing quite like watching a reality TV show with the funniest Irish folk on 'the third screen' and as with Room to Improve, Gogglebox, DWTS and the rest, a chorus of hilarity will surely accompany each episode of SYTTD on Twitter and Facebook. The series doesn't launch until next year, which means there's plenty of time to stack up on snacks for a Toy Show style debut episode, and more than enough notice for every to prep their best one-liners. 

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