L-R: Couples Erica and Richard, Joey and Jack, Mindy and Leon and Eva and Lim (PA Real Life/www.richbayleyphotography.co.nz)

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Four couples reveal why they decided to have a quadruple wedding

Spoiler alert: It had nothing to do with saving money on the wedding band...

Four couples with an incredible bond have revealed how they are so close they had a quadruple wedding – with two sisters even marrying two brothers in the mega ceremony.

Brothers Jack and Lim Zeng tied the knot with sisters Joey and Eva Huang, while Richard Hopkins wed Erica Zeng and Leon Huang married Mindy Lai, at an unforgettable service, conducted by a civil celebrant.

Remembering the elaborate occasion on March 21 at Queenstown's five star Stoneridge Estate in New Zealand, financial advisor Joey, 26, said: "The other three couples are the most important people to me in the whole world, so it made sense for everyone to do it together.”


The shared wedding day is far from the only intriguing event linking the four couples.

Joey met her builder husband Jack, 26, 10 years ago as a teenager in Singapore, recalling: “He was sat in front of me in class, and when he turned around to talk to me, it was love at first sight.”

Then Jack’s older brother quantity surveyor Lim, 27, and Joey’s older sister, baking teacher, Eva, 28, fell in love when they were visiting their siblings where they lived then, in Singapore at the same time, in 2014.

Their romance began after they watched a beautiful sunset together - to the surprised delight of Joey and Jack.

“I couldn’t believe it, I mean, what are the chances of two sets of siblings falling for each other?" said Joey.

"We were really surprised, but we soon realised they were the perfect fit for each other.“Now they have a daughter who is gorgeous."

And the family connections do not stop there.

Jack’s teacher sister Erica, 30, and Port Talbot, Wales-born scientist Richard, 37, met at a party in 2015 and currently live in Singapore; while Joey’s older brother, business student Leon, 30, and housewife Mindy, 26, met working at a pharmacy in 2012 in China.

Astonishingly, the three other couples now also live together in a massive farmhouse in New Zealand.

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While their living and wedding arrangements may sound unconventional to outsiders, for the four couples, they make perfect sense.

Referring to their wedding day, Joey added: "It was the most magical day for all of us."Before the mass ceremony, all four couples had already obtained marriage certificates at local government offices in China and Singapore.

Following each other down the aisle seemed perfectly natural, as they have been moving through life in tandem for years.

Joey and Jack moved from their home country of China to New Zealand in 2015, followed by Lim and Eva eight months later and Leon and Mindy in March this year.

The six of them, as well as Leon and Mindy’s two children and Eva and Lim’s daughter then moved in to the four bedroom farmhouse together, which also has an outbuilding, providing two extra bedrooms.

Then, early last year when Erica and Joey, had the brilliant idea that the close-knit friends and siblings should marry together in New Zealand, as a foursome of couples.

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Joey said: “We wanted to get married and have a ceremony all together, so one day last year me and Erica were talking and came up with an idea for a quadruple wedding

.“We all had our formal wedding certificates, but wanted to marry properly in New Zealand and celebrate.

“We all love spending time together and share almost all the same family, so it made perfect sense.

“It took us six months to plan and all come together. We ordered our dresses online or borrowed them from friends. It didn’t really matter if it wasn’t traditional, we just all wanted to wed on the same day.”

And when the big day arrived on March 21 this year, with just the children and Joey and Jack’s parents present, the four couples say it really was the best day of their lives.

Joey added: “I felt so filled with joy. Four couples, getting married together surrounded by the people we love."

Lim confirmed that it was an unforgettable day too.He said: “It really was the best moment in my life.”Celebrant Philippa Thomas also said it was one of the best matrimonial services she had ever conducted.

She said: “The whole experience was so much fun, with so much laughter and so much love.”