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Wedding Talk

Groom plans wedding reception in pig sty - everyone holds breath for bride's reaction

Those of a nervous nuptial disposition look away now

While we await the Irish version of water-cooler fave Don't Tell the Bride to return to our screens, we thankfully have its sister series in the UK to tide us over with the madcap escapades of today's most clueless grooms.

And the latest episode to hit screens should by no means disappoint as it brings with it an especially cheeky 'cheeky chap' Billy who decides to use his big day as his chance to put his village Mansfield Woodhouse on the map with a world record pig parade.

So far, so messy.


Of course bride-to-be Steph is especially prim and proper, dreaming of a fabulous formal affair with the big white dress and all the trimmings.

Contact between the bride and groom to be is strictly off limits for these adventurous couples, who don't see each other in the run up to the big day so that the groom is free to be as romantic and level headed as possible while he plans the big day, usually with the help of a less than dependable best man.

This series sees grooms planning the romantic nuptials in, among others, a dreamy destination spot in the Mediterranean and a haunted house. One episode that promises extra fisty cuffs revolves around a fight night theme.

All that's left to see is if the bride turns up in tonight's episode, and if she arrives in sty-le.

Don't Tell the Bride UK airs tonight (Wednesday 8th August) at 9pm on E4