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'Is this a joke?' - Groom refuses to take part in Harry Potter themed wedding in tonight's Don't tell the Bride

"What the f**k? I haven’t even seen Harry Potter!"

It's looks to be a case of 'I Gryffindon't' for one groom whose dreams of an elegant wedding are dashed when his fiancée takes the chance to live out his Harry Potter fandom on their big day.

Hogwarts fanatic Brendan O'Regan (29) is given the task of creating the dream wedding for his groom-to-be Victor Garcia (34) in tonight's episode of RTE2's Don't tell the Bride, however it's looking like neither will be saying 'I do' when Victor discovers their 'riddikulus' theme.

"I can’t go to the wedding wearing this because I don’t want my wedding to be a circus," declares Victor when  presented with a Gryffindor robe the day before his big day.


"I am extremely disappointed in Brendán and I don’t know, literally, what he is thinking. He is just thinking about him, he is not thinking about us. I am not going,” he tells friends through tears.

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Little does he know however that that's just the start of it, and Brendan has taken the theme even further by turning Clonakilty Model Railway Village into Platform 9¾ for their ceremony and having their rings delivered by their very own Hedwig the Owl.

"It's not Halloween, this is your wedding day," says a friend before Victor falls to the couch in tears and declares: "I'm not going."

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