Jessica thanked locals on the Plymouth, Mass. Facebook page for their interest in helping her find her lost engagement ring, now safely back on her finger. Photo via Facebook

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Locals 'outraged' as woman's lost engagement ring turns up in pawn shop

Woman says she was 'swindled' by pawn shop employee who made her buy back her own diamond

A woman who lost her engagement ring on the street, only to have it turn up in a local pawn shop has told how her hope in society has been renewed - but not how one might think.

Jessica Sherman took her ring off and placed it in her purse during an art class, after which she believes it fell out when she stopped in to grab something in the shops on her way home.

Distraught, the woman placed posters all around her local area of Plymouth, Massachusetts, with a photo of the precious diamond stating a reward of $500 (approx. €429) for its return.


She also posted a passionate plea in her local community's Facebook group.

"I'm hoping and praying some kind soul found it and will return it to the police," Sherman wrote on a post dated 26th July.

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Sherman then contacted all her local shops, including the local pawn shops, all of whom said they hadn't seen the ring she described.

The woman was then shocked when she dropped in to one of the pawn shops days later and shared a photo of the ring with an employee - to find that they had her ring on sale.

The employee told her he the ring was "worth a lot of money," Sherman told Boston25 News, to which she responded "Yes I know, it's my ring."

The employee then debated on how much to sell it back to her, Sherman said, however after they called the police - who said their hands were ties as the ring had not been reported stolen - agreed to sell it to her at $500 (after buying it from a customer for $300), as they had become aware of the reward.

"It was worth the money even though he swindled me," said the woman, who also explained how if only the woman who found it had only given it back directly to her she would have made an extra $200 in reward money.

Concluding the story on her local Facebook page, the woman said: "I’d like to thank the whole community for your overwhelming concern and support in helping to find my missing wedding ring. It just confirms that most people are good!

"Unfortunately some people would profit off of someone’s loss... Just the fact that most everyone is so outraged at the girl who pawned it and the pawn shop guy who profited gives me such renewed hope for our society."

"I’m just so excited that I got it back!"