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Mater Hospital launches investigation after woman's wedding rings go missing

91-year-old woman says rings were taken from her finger as she slept

The Mater Hospital in Dublin has launched an investigation after an elderly woman reported that her wedding rings were taken as she slept in her hospital bed.

The woman, 91-year-old Kathleen Kearns from Cabra in Dublin, said that when she awoke in her hospital bed on Saturday morning, she found that her gold wedding bands had disappeared from her finger.

Kathleen had been wearing her wedding ring for 67 years.


Another band on the same finger was gifted to her by her mother who passed away in 1978.

“I went up on Saturday at about half two and I was sitting there and I said ‘are you ok nanny?’ and she said ‘you wouldn’t believe it my wedding rings are gone'," the woman's granddaughter Lorraine Watters told the Irish Sun.

" I checked the bed, the bin, the floor and the toilets. She had them on her the night before."

“They don’t fall off, they wouldn’t have come off her finger," added Lorraine.

While the woman said she did not want to contact the guards as she didn't want 'to cause a fuss', a spokesperson for the Mater Hospital said that they are investigating the disappearance of the rings, as is their policy with any items reported lost or stolen.

“She sees the good in everyone, she’s just the most lovely person ever," said Lorraine.

“She said to me, ‘how would you feel if someone took your wedding ring Lorraine?’ I said ‘I wouldn’t like it at all nanny.’

“She said ‘that’s all I have left of your granddad.’ It’s heartbreaking.”