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'My heart is doing ninety' - Zombie bride Sarah counts down to her Halloween wedding on tonight's Don't tell the Bride

Cobwebs, zombies and blood made for a real horror show on tonight's Don't tell the Bride

Another Monday, another hatchet being taken to some poor bride's dream wedding day.

Which seemed to be a good analogy for tonight's bloody episode of RTE2's Don't tell the Bride anyway.

In yet another bizarrely themed big day, groom Nick had planned a Halloween themed big day for his bride Sarah, whom he met while they were both living and working in Lanzarote in 2009.


The couple have two sons - and a baby on the way - appeared to be very excited about the idea of a day in the house of horrors, while 'tomboy' bride Sarah was more concerned that he's chosen a 'princess style' dress.

Nick however planned quite the opposite for his wife-to-be, hiring special effects make up artists to ensure the entire wedding party looked 'gruesome' on the day (in one cut we see them applying the 'bloody scab' pot of red goo to his face).

"My heart is doing ninety now," said Sarah, before asking "am I getting a tattoo?"