B*Witched in 1999 | Inset: Bride Lyndsey Pardoe who ended up with casts on both legs after getting

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'Not another one!' - B*Witched stars apologise after bride ends up with cast on both legs following 'excitable' Irish dancing to C'est la Vie

While the 90s hit C'est la Vie may have gone down a treat a B*Witched star Keavy Lynch's wedding last year, it seems not every bride is as au fait with how to cut a rug to the iconic tune!

When newlywed Lyndsey Pardoe took to the dancefloor on her big day to do a little jig to the Irish girlband's biggest hit, things took an 'excitable' turn resulting in the bride ending up in to A&E after injuring both her ankles.


A fellow patient at the Birmingham hospital tweeted about meeting the bride, after overhearing her explaining how "she got a bit too overexcited Irish dancing to C’est la Vie" at her wedding on Saturday.

"If you’re gonna have a reason to be in A&E, that should always be it," the patient wrote.

After spotting the tweet, the bride's sister Lee shared a snap of her sibling still smiling as she showed off casts on both legs and the crutches she's been left to lean on after what Lee described as "a very Northfield wedding".

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Members of the band responsible for the catchy tune spotted the snap and offered their personal apologies to the injured bride - and to those who have also succumbed to injury an overzealous attempt at a hornpipe.

"Oh no... not another person," wrote band member Sinead O'Carroll. "C’est La Vie has a lot to answer for... so many injuries... so sorry to hear this, hope you have a speedy recovery."

"Oh my goodness, poor woman" Keavy Lynch wrote, looking to contact the bride to apologise personally.

"Sorry, happy wedding!" Keavy's sister Edele said.

While the band mates were clearly apologetic over the hurt their hit had caused, others were looking for an invite to the bride's next party.

"Man the weddings I’ve been to weren’t even half as fun. Tell your sister to get to have another wedding party and invite me," one enthusiastic partier tweeted, while another simple said "She's a damn hero sir."

"I always attempt the jig to C'est la vie too!" another eager fan confessed.

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