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Piercings are a girl's best friend? Bizarre new engagement trend sees pierced ring fingers in lieu of the traditional diamond

A rather bizarre new wedding trend is emerging - and this one is absolutely not for the faint hearted.

While some brides-to-be may be feeling like they're blazing trails by opting for a stone other than the traditional diamond for their engagement rings, apparently they've nothing on what the latest in line to tie the knot are choosing to mark their engagement with.

Ring finger piercings are the latest in engagement trends, according to reports, with couples taking to social media feed such as Instagram to share their celebratory derma studs.


According to Elite Daily however, the trend is not without its dangers, with dermatologists warning that the piercing could begin moving or get infected if it is not applied properly. The skin could also eventually grow over the piercing if it is not carefully managed.


'Dermal piercings' work by placing a flat plate beneath the skin which is connected to a changeable stud visible on the surface. The piercing than appears to float on the skin.

The piercings can be placed anywhere on the body, but recently people have been appearing on social media referring to theirs as 'engagement dermal'.

"Our engagement dermals we got friday," said one groom-to-be on his Instagram photo of his dermal, "It was a little painful and bloody but definitely worth it and an awesome idea by my fiancée!"

The trend has of course divided opinion with people fearing both infection and divorce.

"A finger piercing sounds like a really painful way to say that you love someone I think I will opt for the old fashioned way and have an actual Engagement Ring" said Twitter user Jenny Barnett, while another user questioned: "What if the engagement gets broken? What if the finger gets infected? Would there be a ring for the marriage or a second piercing?"