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Revealed: This is how much Irish couples spent on their weddings in 2017

What is the average cost of a wedding in Ireland?

The results are in.

Irish couples spent more on their weddings in 2017 than they did the year previous, with the average wedding spend now standing at €26,015.

The number - which includes honeymoon spend of €5,261 on average - is up 7% from 2016, meaning couples are putting more and more money into making their big days even bigger.


And the eye-watering receipt has obviously come as a shock couples themselves as 60% admitted to going over budget on their nuptials.

The results of the survey taken in January by weddingsonline reveal that couples are prepared to spend big on their weddings, with 1,200 survey participants spending an average  €12,413 on the venue alone.

When it comes to who's paying for what, 62% of couples said they used their savings to fund their wedding, while a lucky 22% get help from their parents.

18% said they took out a loan to help cover costs.

Big ticket items on the day include the photographer, who came in at €1,597 on average, the dress at €1,787 on average and the wedding band which cost couples €2,019 on average.