A bride watches the game (@scottyw0986/Twitter and Danny Lawson/PA)

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The many brilliant ways wedding guests are managing to watch the World Cup during their friends' nuptials

Guests who can't escape their mates' big day are getting inventive

It's inevitable that a wedding will clash with some sort of sporting fixture if it's held over a weekend, but for some guests, the idea of missing the World Cup for a mates' big day is almost to much to ask!

If you're worried about missing the third place play off on Saturday or, God forbid the final itself on Sunday due to a wedding, these England fans might just provide some inspiration for how to get around an all-out football ban at the big day.

For some, such as Scott below, it was as simple as a phone between his legs.


Others had slightly bigger screens at hand, Ben Hine taking a moment outside of the service to tune in on his tablet.

Clearly not everyone wanted the happy couple to find out about their device usage, though.

BBC television and radio presenter Paddy O’Connell was one of those caught up watching nuptials, but the church was kind enough to offer a score update.

But as the saying goes, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’, so some happy couples decided to put the game on for their guests, to stem all the covert football-watching.

Nadine Hanlon, in Doncaster, was one of the brides who got right into the spirit of things, watching the game with her husband Lee and their guests during their wedding breakfast after renewing their vows.

“It’s a great day because we’ve renewed our vows but even better that it’s topped off – England won,” she told the Press Association.

“The boys are bringing it back home,” she added. “I knew they were going to win, I have faith.”