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This woman uninvited her 'flaky' bridesmaids from her wedding because they 'were too lazy'

A bride-to-be uninvited her bridesmaids from her wedding because they "were too lazy."

A woman has shared how she uninvited her bridesmaids from her wedding because they were "flaky," but now she regrets her decision.

Posting to Reddit as Turtlekin, the user detailed how her friends have cancelled on her several times throughout the years, and now she has had enough.


"I'll be honest that my friends had always been kind of flaky. The thing that stands out the most was when my best friend tried to throw a surprise party for my 18th birthday and only two other friends bothered showed up," she began the lengthy post.

"About a year ago I tried to get everyone together at a housewarming party, but was instead met with nothing but excuses. I tried to work with them, but they made it clear they were just too lazy to come and didn't want to say so."

The frustrated bride added that the friends failed to go to both her engagement and bachelorette party.

"The final straw was when I asked them go dress shopping with me. I told them I really needed them to be a part of this with me and we all agreed on a day to do it. Fast forward to that day and they all cancel on me. One of them doing so an hour before my appointment."

"I talked with my fiancé about it, and we both decided that we wouldn't have anyone in the wedding party besides us and the officiant. His groomsmen were fine with that. (No suits or dresses had been purchased yet, thankfully.) My friends were indifferent.

"That's when I finally broke. I was so mad that they weren't even the slightest bit disappointed in not being my bridal party. I sent them a message in our group chat basically saying, 'Since you don't seem to care, I'll take you off the invitations.'"

Since then, Turtlekin realised that she had uninvited her "only friends" from the wedding, and asked Reddit users for help.

"I feel terrible. I want to re-invite them and make amends, but I'm afraid it'll just be another cycle until I snap again. I don't want our group that had be together for almost a decade to be broken up because I had a tantrum."

"I’m at a loss and I don't know if I was justified in doing what I did, or if I was just being childish."

Do you think the bride-to-be was right, or should she re-invite her friends?