Two Mile House players and supporters looking for a lost engagement ring on the St Conleth's Park pitch, photo via / Kildare Nat Sport | Inset: Stock photo

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WATCH: County final celebrations halted as GAA supporters search for lost engagement ring

Players and supporters took to the pitch to locate bride's lost engagement ring - and spent over an hour searching

It should to have been business as usual for celebrations when Kildare club Two Mile House came on on top over Moneserevan in the 2018 Pittman Traffic & Safety Intermediate Football Final this weekend, however before celebrations could ensue, players and supporters had a more pressing matter at hand...

The game at St Conleth's Park saw Two Mile House's first championship win, however before the revelry could even begin, the club and their supporters took to the pitch for another matter entirely - the search for a fan's lost engagement ring.

An announcement was made after a young bride-to-be made her way up to the crows nest club house to inform officials that her engagement ring had flung off her hand and onto the pitch while she was celebrating her team's historic win.


Word quickly travelled around the pitch, which then saw a mass of supporters flow onto the ground in search of the piece.

Players and supporters were over an hour searching, before the cup was eventually lifted and celebrations could continue.

Unfortunately the ring in question is reportedly still missing, but if this story is anything to go by, one should never give up hope!

Update 17/10 - the ring has been found!