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WATCH: Introducing the 'flying wedding veil' - the new bridal trend taking the Internet by storm

Here's your 'something different', guys

Have you heard the one about the flying veil that fell from the sky and landed on the bride's head as she walked up the aisle?

Nope, not the start of an admittedly excellent-sounding joke, but a new trend that's piquing the interest of the Internet, after videos of 'flying veil weddings' debuted on a Chinese website.

The 'flying veil' involves a bride standing at the end of the aisle as her veil is launched at her.


The veil then 'flies' through the air and then gracefully landing atop her crown before she continues towards her other half to say her 'I dos'.

The 'flying veil' works - according to Buzzfeed- by sending the veil down two rails attached to the ceiling, which make it appear as if it's floating towards the bride - in a completely non ghost-like manner.

It sounds bizarre, but viewers of the compilation video of several bride's flying veil have commented on how mesmorising it is.

The latest wedding craze

Posted by Shanghaiist on Saturday, March 31, 2018

"This looks like from a snow white movie or something," said one fan, "I was waiting for the small birds to bring her veil."

The video which appears on the Shanghiist Facebook page has had 46K Shares and 4.8M Views to date. The influential website calls the trend 'the latest wedding craze'.

Many viewers have noticed the flying veil's ghostly undertones however, saying: "the veil looked like a some kind of a poltergeist ghost hovering around to engulf and possess someone on its way."

If you're on the hunt for your unique 'wow wedding moment' we think you may have just found it.