The Vow

This is exactly how you don't want your wedding celebrant to react to your vows

"In sickness and in health"

Exchanging wedding vows for many is the most nerve-wracking and exciting moment of their Big Day.

After all the introductions and formalities before, the couple finally turn to each other, gaze lovingly into each other's eyes and begin to vocalise the words they've spent weeks, months, maybe even years composing in their minds.

They promise to be each other's best friends, each other's soul mates. To be beside each other through thick and thin, and in sickness and in health...


The reaction you certainly don't expect to this show of complete vulnerability in love however was the one this couple got from their minister, who seemed to be unable to take all the romance and couldn't hold it in any more.

Massive props go to the bride in this, who was letting NOTHING get in the way of her marrying her man. She kept on keeping on, continuing her vows like a pro while barely batting an eyelid.

And that, ladies and gents, is how you cope with a so-called 'wedding day disaster'.