The Vow

This is the lipstick shade brides are currently going crazy for...

You may NOT kiss the bride

When we think bridal beauty we instantly imagine soft, natural make-up: Maybe a lick of bronzer, some peach blush and perhaps a smoky eye for some of the feistier brides out there. But when it comes to lippy, we never saw this one coming.

According to Pinterest's 2017 wedding report the most searched-for shade of lipstick for brides is... Drumroll... Berry - which is seeing a 71% rise in interest since last year.


Not that we haven't welcomed the news with open arms (albeit with open mouths) - in fact it's great to see that brides are getting a bit more adventurous when it comes to their Big Day beauty.

Thinking of trying out the look yourself? Make sure to do a few test runs first. We recommend giving these 10 tasty shades a trial run, and judge for yourself if you'll have to ask the priest to skip the whole 'you may now kiss the bride' bit...