Picture: Grace Loves Lace

The Vow

This is the most pinned dress on Pinterest - is it worth the hype?

For brides to be, lovers of beautiful things and wedding stalkers, Pinterest is home.

Whether you're planning for your big day or married for 20 years, we've all been sucked into th Pinterest vortex at one time or another, but now one dress has come on top - defeating all other wedding dress in its path.

This gown by Australian label Grace Loves Lace is the most pinned gown on the popular app with a whopping 2.5 million posts from around the world.


The design is originally from 2013 and sold out instantly, but the label's founder Megan Ziems has introduced a redesign for customers - called the Hollie 2.0 - on the back of its social media popularity.

In even better news, the dress' new retail price is a steal in comparison to the average bridal gown, coming in at less than €1,300. According to Ziems, more than 500 enquiries are made about the dress every week so get your skates on before you miss it this time around.