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This is the most popular engagement ring on Pinterest

The most popular engagement ring on Pinterest has been revealed.

When it comes to marriage proposals, you're not just committing yourself to your paramour for the rest of your life, you're also fated to the engagement ring.

An engagement ring is forever, not just for Facebook photos (complete with freshly manicured hands) and the most common variations that people go for are usually diamond, the solitaire setting and the antique pedigree.


But what is the most popular design of them all?

According to HelloGiggles, the most pinned engagement ring on 'virtual scrapbook' Pinterest is this diamond ring from Raymond Lee Jewellers.

The sparkler features 'princess cut' diamond accents around a dazzling white gold piece in the centre.

It currently has an incredible number of 63,000 pins and if you want it to decorate your wedding finger, it'll set you back $8,095 (€7180).