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Uh oh! One in four new brides are no longer friends with their bridesmaids

It seems that ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ is turning into a horror story for some bridal parties.

Research shows that more than a quarter of newlywed brides (26%) are no longer friends with at least one of their bridesmaids.

A huge 70 percent of stressed-out bridezillas also admitted that they had an argument with at least one of their bridesmaids in the run up to their big day.


The research was uncovered by, who surveyed over 1,000 newlywed women.

And the cause for all this upset? The study highlighted jealousy, money and the bridesmaids dresses as the top three reasons for heated arguments.

The study claims that on average, a bridesmaid will expect to spend up to €1,500 on their friend’s big day, shelling out for travel, clothing, jewellery, hen parties and gifts.

By comparison, a bride will spend roughly €235 on each of her bridesmaids, offering a small gift such as jewellery or vouchers.

Defending herself, one woman said she was no longer friends with her bridesmaid after her bad attitude put a damper on the big day.

“I think this was her third time being a bridesmaid and the frustration and jealously all came out at me.

“I didn’t need drama on my wedding day and we haven’t really spoken properly since," she stated.

Studies suggest that each year, there are 11 million bridesmaids in the world, with most women having an average of five at their wedding.