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Wanted: A Star Wars-themed wedding day for singer Siva Kaneswaran

Boyband star Siva Kaneswaran is hoping the force will be with him on his wedding day. The Dublin model and singer is a self-confessed Star Wars fanatic.

And it is his wish to transform his bride-to-be Nareesha McCaffrey into a sexy Princess Leia for their upcoming nuptials, expected to take place next year.

“Personally, I want a Star Wars-themed wedding and I want Nareesha to dress up as Princess Leia,” said the Blanchardstown native.


“I can be Han Solo if I grow my hair a bit longer.”

And it's not just a fantasy wedding that Siva is planning.

“After the wedding, for the honeymoon, Nareesha can dress up in the Princess Leia outfit, including skimpy clothes and the chains on her head,” he said.

Siva even has some important, albeit non-glamorous roles, lined up for his Wanted bandmates Max George, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes. “They will take on the roles of creatures from the movie and can act out a few scenes,” he said.

“I need Nareesha to agree to the thing first and if she says yes I can move on and be more creative. I will get some lighting guys in and that kind of thing.”

However, Siva said he was unlikely to get his own way and the couple would probably opt for a more traditional route. “It's probably not going to happen,” he admitted.

Siva proposed to his girlfriend of six years at a surprise birthday party Nareesha threw for him in November.

The model-turned-singer had bought the ring in advance and described the build-up to the proposal as a “military operation”. While they are enjoying their engagement, the couple won't hang around for too long and plan to get hitched in 2015.

Siva is currently touring the US with chart-toppers The Wanted as they continue The Word of Mouth tour.

The group, who are going their separate ways this summer, played a gig in Houston last night.

Siva also revealed that if he could change anything about his experience with the band it would be to scrap the ill-fated US reality show, The Wanted Life, as it was too dramatic.

“I am usually a relaxed, zen dude and it was just too much for me,” Siva admitted.

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