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Wedding catastrophe: Shocked bride reacts after arguing waiters drop her wedding cake

Cutting the cake with your new spouse is integral part of most weddings so it’s no surprise that this British bride was hugely concerned after her elaborate cake landed on the floor.

In a video captured at the wedding, waiters catering to the event begin to argue over where the cake should be placed during the reception.

Unfortunately the bickering leads to the beautiful cake landing smack down on the floor below in front of the weddings shocked guests.


Spotting the catastrophe from a distance the concerned bride storms over to confront the hotel’s staff.

Luckily for her, the drama turned out to be a prank organised by her new-husband to be, who runs James Entertainments in the UK.

After the prank was revealed the couple were met with cheers from the wedding guests, who were clearly chuffed that they would still be getting a slice of party cake.