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Woman claims world record for catching bridal bouquets - ‘it started as a hobby but now it’s my sport’

A woman calling herself the ‘eternal bridesmaid’ is appealing to the Guinness Book of World Records to include her after she caught an impressive amount of bouquets.

The Utah native claims to have caught an incredible 46 floral bouquets over the last two decades.

Jamie Jackson says that she has been flat out attending weddings of family members, fellow church goers and her musical theatre colleagues since 1996.


Jamie, from Salt Lake City, has appealed to the Guinness Book of World Records to include her name in the tome - as the current record is held by Pennsylvanian woman Stephanie Monyak (who has caught 11). Jamie also added that she has the documentation to prove her claim.

So how did she manage to catch all those flying flowers - the bouquet throw is, after all, a notoriously competitive dash.

"It is something that you have to plan for and you have to be very strategic where you place yourself," she revealed.

"My strategy is to be right up in the front because a lot of time the brides don't know how far they are going to throw it. A lot of times it will hit a ceiling, it'll hit a chandelier ... I've had many, many catches where I've had to jump for it. And I've hit little kids by accident,” she confessed.

Before she could apply to Guinness, Jamie had to get in touch with all the brides whose flowers she had caught, and she was delighted to learn that all but 2 of the 46 couples were still happily married.

"I consider myself a good luck charm," she stated proudly.